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In Holland we have been riding bikes for centuries. Even our royal family rides them. It’s now time for the world to experience the joy. We present to you the ultimate urban bicycle, VANMOOF.

VANMOOF is an ambitious young Dutch company that was born from a love for bicycles and a hunger for change. With a talented young development team and a fresh business approach, VANMOOF pursues only one goal: help the ambitious urbanite worldwide move around town by bike in style.

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The founders of VANMOOF wondered why there were so few urban-proof bikes available. After all, it’s not easy for a bike to be completely urban-proof, meaning it can withstand any weather, be used daily and occasionally be a victim of vandalism. Why does the bicycle market ignore urban needs? Why are stores flooded with overly equipped bikes that make a simple tool way too failure prone?

The founders asked 100 friends from several cities the question; “How do YOU see the ultimate commuter tool?.” The friends tested 100 prototypes for 100 days. This experience is the foundation VANMOOF was built on. The answers – a sexy, durable and affordable bike – became their challenge. They decided to redesign the backbone of our Dutch culture from the inside out, instead of sticking with the familiar base. They stripped the bike of any non-essentials that may break or cause frustration and instead added features inside the big, lightweight aluminum tubes. The signature VANMOOF look was born.